Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calendar 1.3

The calendar software is designed for childbearing women specially.

Software that calculates the day of ovulation and menstrual cycles. Number one system for monitoring women's health. Show full information about every day of your menstrual cycle, the forecast of your child's gender.

Detect the time most propitious for conception or preventing a pregnancy. Working with irregular cycles, counting days before menstruation and ovulation.

Calculates the number of your ovulation day (your luteal phase) in several ways Uses the calendar to mark the last day before ovulation, menstruation days, ovulation days with the probability of conception in percent for each day, days with the very low probability of conception, days on which intercourse occurred and also the prediction of the child's sex using the calendar method Displays a calendar for half a year with scrolling The appearance of the calendar is customizable, there is a list of predefined themes and you can create your own themes Displays a chart showing the probability of conception for a particular day in the menstrual cycle Supports several calendars (for example, your female friends calendars) Predicts the sex of a child by the Chinese Lunar Calendar Displays detailed information about the future child's birth date in case the conception took place on a certain day (sex, lunar phase, horoscope, celebrities born on this day, etc.

) Displays the number of days till the next menstruation and ovulation Supports irregular cycles storing the duration of all previous cycles and menstruations Calculates and displays on the calendar future cycles based on the parameters of the last cycle Allows you to edit the parameters of the current and each previous cycle Allows you to record the state of your health every day Displays detailed statistics for the period you specify Sexual activity statistics Comparing calendars Displays a table with summary data for the period you specify Allows you to set reminders for upcoming menstruation and ovulation The Wizard is used to specify the parameters of each calendar Minimized into a tray icon with color indication for the current day (menstruation, ovulation, etc.